“ Thank you so much for your beautiful photographs. You were fantastic on the day and captured the whole story, even those moments we missed!

All of our guests were blown away with the photos too and we’re very thankful for the online gallery - so easy to use and share with family abroad. You have captured memories we will treasure forever. We can’t wait to see the Queensberry album!”

― Ansel Adams

From the beginning photography was always my main passion, It started for my eyes only; what was a decade ago leisure activity. Matured throughout the years to become an addiction.

Meanwhile I was constantly working on my skills, exploring anything related to the art of photography and I bound it with my role as Regional Head of TV production.

I opened my eyes (my first camera) in Zgharta, a town in North of Lebanon, among kind and merry people. A simple childhood where I had the chance to play with mud, sleep in tents and climb unspoiled mountains. Later I developed a penchant for refined food and cigars, while keeping a habit I had as a child; collecting matches. Each tells a different story.

IPA int’l photography awards 2017

Fine art portrait

Publicité Club 2015

Advertising photography